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Silver Shores
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This is the beginning of the story. Bran went about one day on his own, in the neighbourhood of his stronghold, when he heard music behind him.

Whenever he looked back, it was still behind him the music was. He fell asleep at last to the music, because of its sweetness.

When he awoke from his sleep, he saw the silver branch with white blossoms beside him; it was not easy to distinguish its flowers from the branch.

Bran then took the branch in his hand to his royal house. When the hosts were in the royal house, they saw a woman in strange clothing on the floor of the house.

It was then she sang these fifty quatrains to Bran, while the host heard her, and all watched the woman.

A branch of the apple-tree from Emain

I bring, like those familiar ones;

Twigs of white silver are on it,

Glass brows with blossoms.

There is an island far away

Around which shine horses of the sea,

A fair course by the shining waves

Four feet support it.

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